Hydrotechnical facilities

 "Ligos" conglomerate - construction and reconstruction of hydrotechnical facilities, erection and repair, and also coast protection works.

Company’s production facilities allow providing service package connected with all types of hydrotechnical facilities. Enterprise’s experts work out a detailed project of solving customer’s tasks. They will provide object’s successful break-in.

During the stage of planning and building of hydrotechnical object engineers and builders base on leading developments. Moreover, they follow the hydrotechnical rules, using the innovative technologies.

Completed projects

  • Tech examination and rating of hydrotechnical buildings in yacht-club “Iliechevits” (Iliich Mariupol Metallurgy Combinate, Mariupol). Technical passports are given to Northern and Southern protective breakwaters, berth and water area of the station;
  •  Ban revetment works of leisure base “Azovie”( Iliich Mariupol Metallurgy Combinate, Mariupol). The task complex of fortification and defense of the shore from underwashing, landslides and bank cutting has been conducted;
  •  The reconstruction works of berths 19 and 20 have been done. Also RAM coating of the warehouse of a dry dock in Sevastopol has been done (Stevedoring company «Avlita»);
  • Construction of object "Berth №1-z for general cargo on Androsovsky pier wich is connected with SE "Odessa Commercial Sea Port"