Buildings construction

Together with construction and installation works for industrial enterprises, “Ligos” conglomerate builds multistoried accommodation units and provides services in other types of general-building works.

Completed projects

  • Construction of the canteen and improvement of the land-slide area above the canteen in the children recreation centre «Yunii Moriak» (Urzuf)
  •  Different construction works in the Port-City shopping mall (Mariupol). The average building square is 40000 m2, including ground works and installation of the metal structures, creation of the footing for the floor, brickwork and decoration works, site improvements (including roads);
  • Reconstruction of 2 nine-floor accommodation (Mariupol, Krasnoflotskaia st);
  • Building and putting into operation of a new 9-floor accommodation unit with the average building square 40000m2, according to the project “87-SH” (Mariupol);