Road construction

The company offers a wide range of services in the transport infrastructure construction sphere: railways, high roads, over-bridges, auto-roads, and also in bridge-construction.

Creating the bridges and roads projects our engineers always take into attention all possible natural disasters: storm wind, flood or earthquake.

"LIGOS" Vehicle Park is complete with special equipment and vehicles, which are necessary for road construction works, planning of road basement, earth-works, layer-by-layer clipping, movement and soil packing, usage and maintenance of the roads.

Completed projects

  •  Furnishing of the road to the quay #20 and runways to quays #19 and 20, using the paving slabs PAG 18B, cooperation with construction company "Avita" from Sevastopol; 
  •  Auto-roads in Port-City Mall (Mariupol);
  •  Building and repair works of auto-roads on the territory of industrial plants in Doneck region.