Industrial construction and installation works

«Ligos» conglomerate gained the reputation of the leading company in Ukrainian market in the sphere of universal construction and installation works. High-qualified experts of our construction crew have all the necessary knowledge and relevant technical equipment to solve the tasks of any difficulty.

«Ligos» does not only conducts construction and installation works at the industrial objects, but also provides the support in further usage. If there is the necessity, the conglomerate takes active part in emergency recovery works. 

Among «Ligos» customers there are such as «Azovelectrostal», «Azovobshemash», Mariupol Sea Trade Harbor, Stevedoring company «Avlita»

For «Azovelectrostal» plant (Mariupol)


  • Cast bar production facility with the capability of 460000 tons a year;
  • Container system foot platform;
  •  Construction works at the breakage and slag processing area, caging of shop are #108 at the site “B”;
  • Establishment of cip beams for cur-argon pipe along the G-D2 axis row 10-15 of fireproof barrier along the way of casting-ladle transfercar in  the workshop #194;
  •  Attached premises in the bulk #13 and putting the object into operation;
  • Establishment of reinforced concrete floor in the workshop #194;
  •  Full repair of bridge rails in the workshop #132;
  • Foundation for gas pipe line substructions at the territory of Concern named after Illich for “Azovelectrostal”;

Installation works

  • Bin trestle #2;
  • Alloy additives infeeder for the machine “Ladle furnace LF-60);
  • Container system in the A-G row in the axes 10-15; 
  • Alloy additives multilevel infeeder; 
  • Building frame of the workshop #95 widen part; 
  • Metal structures, ground work for the molding line equipment “Kiunkel-Vagner” #2;
  • Integration of DSP-60 furnace areas and  water supply reverse cycle sump-tanks with the capacity 5000 m3;
  •  Establishment of truck-scales near guard desk #11 at the site “B”;

For Mariupol Trade Harbor

  • Construction of diesel house with adjoining administration and amenity buildingsс;
  •  Reconstruction of the children recreation centre «Yunii Moriak»;

For «Azovobshemash» (Mariupol)

  • Changing the rails KR-120 at the aisles V-B and V-G in the workshop#136 – contract №PR-07380 from 26.03.2012;
  •  Repair of crane beams anchoring along the axis 4-17 row J in the workshop #115 – contract PR-07810 from 13.07.2012;
  • Changing of rails R-50 at the aisles А-B, А1-B1 – contract Pr-07659 from 30.04.2012;
  • Site “B” caging works on the side of slag mountain  - contract PR07864 from 18.09.2012;
  •  Ground work for the machine 200PU in the workshop #127, building5;
  •  Emergency recovery works in all workshops;

For stevedoring company «Avlita»

  • Reconstruction of berths #19, 29 and establishment of the hard surface for the dry berth workshop;