Technology & Equipment

Using the latest technology and modern equipment allows a group of companies «LIGOS» to make the construction and reconstruction of any engineering, industrial and civil buildings with high efficiency

Modern equipment «LIGOS»​

The Company has in own disposal park of modern construction installation equipment, as well as special equipment, modern facilities of small scale mechanization and instruments for the solution of the most complicated tasks of the customers. All the using equipment is in a good working order and has the necessary admissions for participation in appropriate works.

«LIGOS» constantly renews the technical base and in order to expand the spectrum of the provided services acquires the equipment from the best manufacturers of the construction equipment in CIS and of the world.

Technical base of group of the companies «LIGOS»:

Hydrotechnical equipment:

  • Drilling rig BAUER RG 19TRTG;
  • Drilling rig Auger torque 50000 max;
  • Drilling rig BAUER UBM-04E;
  • Vibratory pile driver DPD 350 T;
  • Vibratory pile driver B-410-A;
  • Vibratory pile driver MS-24 HFV;
  • Jib cutting machine 3 PTC-3;
  • Hydrohammer MENCK;
  • Hydraulic power unit BAUER HD;

Technical fleet:

  • Dredger "Dunay", IMO 7397593;
  • Soil Carrier "Kievskaya", IMO 8724547;
  • Soil Carrier "Izmailskaya", IMO 8832045;
  • Soil Carrier "Kuyalnitskaya", IMO 8728842;
  • Anchors supplier "MZ-9";
  • Soil Carrier "Kryimskaya-7", IMO 8226591;
  • Dredger "Sari Kanarya", IMO 8421896;
  • Trailing Suction Hopper dredger "Wismar", IMO 7724057;
  • Floating crane carrying capacity 16 t;
  • Floating crane carrying capacity 60 t.

Mechanization facilities:

  • Excavator JCB 330 (with hydrohammer and vibratory pile driver);
  • Excavator JCB 175 (with hydrohammer);
  • Excavator JCB 3cx (with hydrohammer);
  • Single bucket loader Bobcat 645;
  • Single bucket loader Hitachi;
  • Crawler crane MKG 25 BP;
  • Auto cranes KAMAZ, MAZ, KATO (carrying capacity 16-25-50 t);
  • Tractor lorry oversize (carrying capacity 48-60 t);


  • Vibroroller Bomag 16 t;
  • Grader Volvo;
  • Dump trucks Sinotreck, Man (carrying capacity 35 t);
  • FDump trucks Kamaz (carrying capacity 18 t);
  • Autotower Zil (outreach 28 m);
  • Concrete pump THP 60 D;
  • Bulldozer T 130;
  • Self-propelled concrete mixer facility SBSU Fiori;

Concrete plants:

  •  BSU;
  • Concrete mixers Kamaz (volume 4-7 m3);